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5 Ways to Get a Free Credit Score on the Internet

Quick Facts

"Free" credit scores come with a catch. It could be a free trial leading to monthly charges until you cancel. You might need to hand over your normally private credit report to marketers.

Before you accept a free credit score on the Internet, you'd better know what you're getting into.

We lay bare the hidden details of each free score offer.

For free trials, see how long you have to cancel, what you'll be charged if you don't and, perhaps most important, how to cancel.

For advertising-supported free credit scores, learn how much privacy you're giving away.

Knowzy has personally tested each of these offers. They delivered as promised- credit scores and no surprise charges.

Confidently navigate the Internet's free credit score sites with Knowzy's "5 Ways to Get a Free Credit Score."



Single Credit Score

These offers provide just one credit score. The offer details reveal which credit bureau the score comes from.

The TrueCredit offers a VantageScore, a credit score used by many lenders. All other free score offers provide an "educational" score not used by any lender.

Simple Table   Legend

TrueCredit Monitoring

credit score (VantageScore scoring model)
from TransUnion
Offered by
Free Trial Duration Price After Trial See Credit Report?
7 Days $14.95/month Yes
Canceling Online? Phone Number Phone Hours
No 1-800-493-2392
Mon. - Thur.: 8AM - 12AM (Central)
Fri. - Sun.: 8AM - 8PM (Central)

credit score (PLUS scoring model)
from Experian
Offered by Experian
Free Trial Duration Price After Trial See Credit Report?
7 Days $14.95/month Yes
Canceling Online? Phone Number Phone Hours
No 1-877-300-2506
M-F: 6AM - 6PM (Pacific)
Sat., Sun.: 8AM - 5PM (Pacific)



No Credit Card Required

With these offers, they can't charge you because you don't provide a credit card number. Your free credit score is supported by accepting advertisements and possibly sales calls.

Knowzy has read the fine print for each of these offers. See the "Notes" section for the highlights of the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies for these offers.

Simple Table   Legend

Ultimate Credit

credit score (TransRisk scoring model)
from TransUnion
Offered by Ultimate Credit Offer
Free Trial Information See Credit Report?
Free service. No credit card required. No
Check score as often as you'd like, no membership required. You may receive text message (SMS) advertising if you provide your mobile number. You may get marketing e-mails and phone solicitations.

Credit Karma

credit score (TransRisk scoring model)
from TransUnion
Offered by Credit Karma
Free Trial Information See Credit Report?
Free service. No credit card required. No
Pull credit score as often as you like. Free credit score in exchange for accepting marketing via e-mail (you can opt-out) and display advertising. Credit Karma stores and (robotically) reads your credit report for advertisement targeting.


credit score (CE scoring model)
from Experian
Offered by Quicken Loans
Free Trial Information See Credit Report?
Free service. No credit card required. Yes
Free credit score and report every 6 months in exchange for accepting marketing via e-mail, phone (even if on Do Not Call list) and fax from Quizzle and its partners.




Number of Credit Scores

Shows how many of your three credit scores you get to see. "3" is the best.

The three credit bureaus maintain a separate credit report on you. These reports are rarely identical. Since credit scores are calculated from the information in your credit report, you have a different credit score for each bureau.


Credit Score Source(s)

Shows the credit bureau or bureaus from which your scores are calculated.

The three credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax and TransUnion, each report a different score for you. If the free score offer only provides one credit score, this tells you which bureau's score it is.


Score Type

Lenders use the FICO score more often than any other score. Lenders also rely on VantageScore. All other scores seen here are "for educational purposes only."

FICO scores are not free. You can obtain one for $20 from You cannot purchase your Experian FICO score at all due to a dispute between Experian and Fair Isaac Corporation.

The educational scores mimic a FICO score and have similar, if not identical, score ranges. These ranges are as follows:

  • FICO: 300 – 850
  • VantageScore: 501 - 990
  • TransRisk: 300 – 850
  • CreditXpert: 300 – 850
  • PLUS: 330 – 830
  • Equifax Credit Score: 280 - 850
  • CE (Community Empowerment): 350 - 850

Learn more about different credit scoring models in Knowzy's article, "What is Credit Monitoring?"


See Credit Report?

Shows "Yes" if the free credit score offer also lets you view your credit report. "No" means you get a score only.

Remember, you can get a free credit report with no strings attached once a year from each credit bureau at This is a government-sponsored web site.


Free Trial Length

Shows how long before you are charged for your "free" credit score.

If don't want to continue the service, cancel it within the specified number of days to avoid the charge.


Cost After Trial

Shows how much and how often you are charged after the trial period is over, assuming you fail to cancel the service.

The amount shown is charged to your credit card immediately after the trial period ends. The charges continue monthly or yearly until you cancel the service.


Cancel Online?

If "Yes," you can cancel your free trial on the web site or through e-mail. Otherwise, you must make a phone call to cancel.

You must cancel most free credit score trial offers by phone. There is no "Cancel" button on the web site.


Cancellation Phone Number

Shows the toll-free number you must call to cancel your free trial.

This is usually the only way to cancel your trial service after you receive your free credit score.


Customer Service Hours

Show the times customer service agents are available to cancel your free trial.

Make sure you will have the opportunity to call during these hours before the trial period ends. If not, your "free" credit score could cost quite a bit.



Important Notes and a Disclosure

* Many free credit score offers on this page require enrollment in a free trial of a credit monitoring service. The companies will ask you for your credit card and will charge it unless you cancel before the trial period ends.

We offer all the information you need to avoid getting charged. It is your responsibility to use it wisely.

Knowzy earns a commission on most (but not all) services on this page. Learn more about our affiliate advertising policies. We appreciate your support.

Are you looking for a free credit report as opposed to a free credit score? You have the right to a free credit report from or 1-877-322-8228, the only authorized source under federal law.


Originally Published:  Wednesday, November 9, 2011, 12:00 AM PT

Last Updated:  Wednesday, August 23, 2017, 11:20 PM PT



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